- Keep track of hours worked in Toggl

Download and use the app to register worked hours. Your salary will be paid based on your reporting, so we recommend you do this every day.

Enable "Manual Mode" in settings before registering hours. This will make it easier to enter the hours you have worked so you can add your data manually, instead of tracking in real time.

  • Press the "cog wheel" in the Toggl app.
  • Enable "Manual mode"

Once you have done this you are ready to record hours:

  • Press the "+" button
  • Select your "project" (type of work) by pressing the "folder" button

    This will bring up a list of "projects" type of work. Select the type of work you have done. The most common projects/type of work are:

    • Course=course and training
    • PT=Private lessons
    • PT Weekend=Private lessons on weekends
    • Administrative  work=hours spent planning and meetings
    • Promotion=promotional work like social activities
  • You will see the project selected. In this example "Promotion". After selecting project you need to enter the date and time worked. Select time (default is 0:30.00). Press the "clock" at the bottom of the screen (where it says "0:30:00")
  • Record the START DATE first by pressing "START" (the arrow icon) and select the date from the calender. In this example the 2nd of December is selected as the start date.
  • Select the START TIME. In this example 18:00 hrs is selected as the start time. Press OK
  • Repeat the steps for the "END" Date and Time by selecting "STOP" (the square icon)
  • Check that the duration matches the hours worked. Press OK when you have entered the correct hours worked
  • You will see the registered entry in your list. There is no need to add "description" as this information is available in Spond.
  • I you need to edit or delete an entry you can do so my selecting it in your list


- your work schedule is available in Spond

This is your most important work tool. Make sure you have the latest version of the App and that you check status  every day. You should also make sure notifications in your profile is enabled to make sure you don't miss any important messages.

Your work schedule is listed under Events (the House)

Only players that have paid for classes are invited to courses

All payments for courses shall be done in advance. Only players that have paid will be added to a course in Spond. This means that if someone shows up at your class and they are not listed as invited, they have not paid. You can let them participate once, but notify the club.

Prøvetime (trial)

We offer ONE HOUR free as a trial before enrolling in a course. All players requiring a trial shall allways register from our webpage. Do not make arrangements for this on your own.