Work instructions for the Head Coach in HIL Tennis

  1. Prøvetime (trial) We offer ONE HOUR free as a "prøvetime". All players requiring a prøvetime shall send an email to post@hamar-tennis.no and will be registered and invited in Spond. Do not make arrangements for this on your own.
  2. Only players that have paid for classes are invited to courses. All payments for courses shall be done in advance. Only players that have paid will be added to a course in Spond. This means that if someone shows up at your class and they are not listed as invited, they have not paid. You can let them participate once, but you need to add a comment about who participated in the comments window for the course in Spond and tell them that they will have to register for the course from our webpage and pay in advance.
  3. Keep track of hours worked in Toggl. Download and use the app to register worked hours. Your salary will be paid based on your reporting, so we recommend you do this every day.
  4. All courses and private lessons are listed in Spond. This is your most important work tool. Make sure you have the latest version of the App and that you check status before every day. You should also make sure notifications in your profile is enabled to make sure you don't miss any important messages.

    Your "work list" is listed under Arrangmenter/Activities (the House)

  5. Log attendance for all your courses.
    All courses are listed in Spond. All players are by default invited and status is "Deltar". Players are encouraged to give feedback if they cannot participate on a course, but if they forget and do not show, you will have to change the status of the player to "Kan ikke".

    How to log attendance in Spond

    • Filter the list to "Tidligere" to see past courses.
    • Browse to the course you shall log.
    • In this example 2 players participated and 4 was absent. To change the status click on either "Deltar", or "Kan ikke". By default all players are set to "Deltar". If a student did not show you will have to change the status to "Kan ikke". Example: a player forgot to set status to "Kan ikke" you will have to press "Deltar".
    • Press the 3 dots beside the name to change the status
    • Choose "Endre svar"
    • Choose "Deltok ikke"
    • The player is now listed under "Kan ikke"
    • You must enter "Loggført" in the comments field after every course thus confirming that you have registered absence of players.

      It is highly recommended to log attendance after each course or at the end of the day.